Study on the Organizational Structured Problem Solving on Total Quality Management

  •  Kairong Liang    
  •  Qi Zhang    


The structured problem solving is important methodology in quality improvement. This article discuss the
problem solving should be approached in a structured manner using team. Firstly, discuss the concept of problem
and structured problem solving. Secondly, descript the base of structured problem solving is the Deming circle:
PDCA. And introduce the Bank’s 6 steps process of the problem solving. Thirdly, discuss the important of a
structured manner using team in problem solving. Fourthly, discuss the argument about the problem solving.
Finally, appraise the view of structured problem solving in critical way. And give an example of Toyota how to
setup a practical problem solving process and integrate the quality management systems. Through the study, we
can learn that when the companies try to meet or exceed customers’ needs and expectations, they often need to
face different kinds of problems. The structured problem solving is important methodology to fix the problem
and improve the quality. And we also need to think about to integrate the problem solving process in the
framework of TQM, and understand important of the organization structure in problem solving. And the zero
defects are also a good concept and practical way to reduce the quality problem in an organization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.