Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Concern of Communication Satisfaction: The Role of the Formal and Informal Communication

  •  Nader Sheykh Al Eslami Kandlousi    
  •  Anees Janee Ali    
  •  Anahita Abdollahi    


Communication cues play an important role in the development of satisfaction within an organization.
Communication in most of the related studies has been considered as a one-dimensional construct, while the
present study specifically proposed formal and informal communication as predictors of communication
satisfaction. Furthermore, although literature introduced job satisfaction as a great predictor of OCB, the present
study takes one more step forward and proposes communication satisfaction as an antecedent of OCB. These
relationships were tested by 231 survey completed by respondents from Electrical Manufacturing industry in
Iran. Formal communication and informal communication were found to predict communication satisfaction.
Besides, communication satisfaction was a strong predictor of all dimensions of OCB.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.