Investigating Structure Relationship from Functional and Relational Value to Behavior Intention: The Role of Satisfaction and Relationship Commitment

  •  Nasreen Khan    
  •  Sharifah Latifah Syed A. Kadir    
  •  Sazali Abdul Wahab    


Value is a subjective construct that varies between customers, cultures and at different times. Most of the
research focus on the value of physical product/service and neglect the value of relationship. This study is the
first to consider customer value in terms of both functional and relational aspect. The main objective of the study
is to investigate the most prominent predictor of customer behavior intention and also to examine the indirect
factors (functional value and relational value) relate to the respective direct factors (satisfaction and relationship
commitment) and their ability to explain customer behavior intention. Data obtained from 429 survey
questionnaire were analyzed using the structure equation modeling. The results revealed that relationship
commitment followed by satisfaction has a significant direct effect on behavior intention. Additionally,
bootstrapping analysis confirmed that relational value has indirect effect on behavior intention through
satisfaction and relationship commitment. This study highlighted the role of relational value in building the
relationship commitment. Strategic guidelines are provided for managers in designing the value in stimulating
the customer behavior intention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.