The Integration of Lean Management and Six Sigma Strategies to Improve the Performance of Production in Industrial Pharmaceutical

  •  Abdullah Ahmad Al-Shourah    
  •  Rawan Thaher Al-Tarawneh    
  •  Feras Ali Alzu'bi    


The aim of this paper is to identify the lean management and Six Sigma strategies to improve production performance in pharmaceutical companies through the evaluation and analysis of Six Sigma for the performance of production processes in pharmaceutical companies. The study sheds light on two variables that are considered among the most critical variables in a business organization. The paper explores the critical factors related to the application of L6σ. It also, mentions to lean management and six Sigma strategies, analyzing the production process to classify critical areas and work proactively to improve both quality and productivity. The hypotheses of process normality behavior are tested to verify subsistence of adequate conditions for Six Sigma methodology application, as well as errors forecasting in the distribution parameters estimation. The researcher reached several results on the basis of the results of the statistical analysis. The field of Lean Six Sigma had started to produce significantly, standalone concepts of Lean and Six Sigma are highly researched related to the integrated concepts; large proportion of perspective, conceptual and descriptive based studies, empirical validity on the fusion between Lean and Six Sigma. This paper has made an effort to categorize the satisfied of Lean Six Sigma studies that has never before attempted given the complexity and diversity inherent. Therefore, this paper can lookout as abasis for future endeavors in an effort to better the classification and contents in ways that best describe the researches in the field of Lean Six Sigma and six Sigma.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.