Perceiving Competitiveness under the Restructuring Process of Globalization

  •  Charis Vlados    
  •  Nikolaos Deniozos    
  •  Demosthenes Chatzinikolaou    
  •  Michail Demertzis    


Currently, it is becoming progressively clearer within the international scientific community that there is no narrow economic reasoning which could lead to an evolutionary conception of globalization. Under such circumstances, the contemporary globalization crisis emerges as a new center of research for all the converging socio-economic sciences.

The current article proposes a new analytical architecture to approach the current dynamics of globalization, by trying to comprehend the underlying evolutionary socio-economic process and by placing the living capitalist firm as a central concept in this analytical framework. In particular, it conceptualizes the capitalistic enterprise as an open living systemunder a constant synthesis of Stra.Tech.Man terms (the interconnection between Strategy, Technology and Management). It studies business as an agent of action which both creates and is created by the socio-economic environment within a continuously systemic process, while perceiving all the sectoral and cross-sectoral dynamics as dialectic agents of the globalizing evolution.

Finally, we propose perceiving competitiveness as synthesis of business dynamics, socio-economic spaces and sectoral structures in global level, and draw the conclusion that it is analytically useful and fruitful to understand competitiveness as an organic-strategic process.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.