Factors Hindering Use of Standard Weights and Measures along Irish Potato Supply Chain in Njombe Region, Tanzania

  •  Kenneth Bengesi    


Non-compliance with standard weights and measures in agricultural marketing in Tanzania compelled this paper to examined factors hindering use of standard weights and measures along Irish potato supply chain. To address this challenge a cross section research design was used to develop data collection plan and probability sampling was used to draw a representative sample from a sampling frame. The findings revealed that weak enforcement of the regulations governing compliance to standard weights and measures, weak extension services that failed to provide reliable market information to farmers, lack of negotiation skills among smallholder farmers against local brokers / traders coupled with inadequate market infrastructure with appropriate weights and measure facilities provide incentives for local brokers and traders to exploit smallholder farmers. For the sake of fair deals in transactions associated with Irish potato along the supply chain this paper recommends the best practices to ensure responsible business practices among actors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.