Study on the Bridge Surface Deicing System in Yuebei Section of Jingzhu Highway

  •  Shunqing Li    
  •  Xi Ye    


The bad snowy weather in early 2008 induced large scale damages of the transportation system in Southern provinces of China, and seriously influence the normal running of society and economy. The establishment of highway deicing and snow-melting system has been the urgent task. Because of the structure characters and the particularity of construction technology of bridge system, its system design and construction become in to the key problems. In this article, combining the characters of bridge section in Yuebei section of Jingzhu Highway, we compared present highway and bridge snow-melting deicing technologies, and selected proper technologies to establish the corresponding deicing program to enhance the traffic quality and reduce the quantity of accident.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.