Integrated Reporting Practices in Europe and Value Relevance of Accounting Information under the Framework of IIRC

  •  Salvatore Loprevite    
  •  Daniela Rupo    
  •  Bruno Ricca    


The research has been conducted on a sample of European companies with the aim to investigate whether the adoption of the Integrated Reporting (IR) affects the value relevance of summary accounting information. The relations between Market Value (MV) and traditional accounting information (Book Value and Earnings) are studied by a linear price-level model, typical of the studies on the value relevance of accounting information. The results of analysis show that the degree of value relevance of Earnings is significantly different for companies that publish an Integrated Report compared to companies adopting traditional financial reporting. The study confirms the assessment made by IIRC and the other advocates: Integrated Reporting is expected to improve the quality of traditional accounting information for providers of financial capital.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.