The Impact of Cognitive Integration between the Traditional Balanced Scorecard and the Information Technology Balanced Scorecard on the Entrepreneurship Value of the Jordanian Public Shareholding Industrial Companies

  •  Usama Abdul Moneim    
  •  Ala Jaber Matarneh    
  •  Samer Akour    


Due to the increased competition between the various industrial companies at the local and international levels, there became a need to adopt modern and effective methods and tools that enable such companies to acquire and maintain competitive advantages that help them choose, apply and assess the strategies adopted. One of the most important tools is the Balanced scorecard according to the leadership concept and the decisions of the COBIT committee; this tool had a great concern and attention by researchers or businessmen; applying it led to a remarkable success in some companies, which made it move from a mere tool of management to an integrated system of strategic management. The method of measuring the balanced scorecard according to the COBIT committee helps the industrial companies’ measure their strategic performance wisely and even goes further in helping formulate the companies' industrial strategies in a pioneer method, translate them into strategic goals, translate these objectives into strategic measurements achieving a follow-up and finally assess the industrial strategy locally and globally. Accordingly, the study aimed at shedding light on the impact of the cognitive integration among the dimensions of the traditional balanced scorecard and the IT balanced scorecard on the Entrepreneurship value in the industrial companies. The study community consisted of all the public shareholding industrial companies listed on Amman Stock Exchange by the end of (2015) amounting to (63) (Annual Report of Amman Stock Exchange, 2016). (56) Companies were randomly selected to form the study sample. One of the most important results of the study is that the effectiveness of measuring the quality of applying the traditional Balanced Scorecard and the IT Balanced Scorecard will create the Entrepreneurship value of the industrial companies, thus contributing to achieving the company's strategic objectives. The study recommended the need that the industrial companies follow up the local and international issues linked with the IT related to applying the balanced scorecard to reach for the institutional leadership with the need that such companies encourage innovation processes, accepting new ideas and motivating employees to provide innovative ideas.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.