The Impact of Performance Audit on Public Administrations in Saudi Arabia: An Exploratory Study

  •  Yousef Alwardat    
  •  Abdullatif Basheikh    


This study aims to examine if auditors of the Saudi Supreme Audit Institution (SSAI) have exerted influence on administrators in Saudi Public Institutions in order to improve the way they manage public resources. The study also examines the impact of the public administrators’ personal factors, i.e. the experience and qualifications of administrators on the contributions made by the SSAI, in terms of facilitating the undertaking of changes in the public administrations. The result of a survey of 96 Saudi public officials shows that the SSAI can claim remarkable achievements, in terms of improving Saudi public affairs. Administrators, irrespective of their experience and qualifications, have shown positive perceptions of the process of performance audit and that they are convinced of the usefulness and the quality of the SSAI’s reports. This study reveals that the SSAI has contributed towards helping the managements of public organisations define their priorities and adopt both strategic and operational plans. It has also helped them evaluate their projects and services, identify the problems and shortcomings of these projects and services, and then provide valuable recommendations to rectify them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.