Control Management System Evaluation Applied in Greater Amman Municipality (GAM)

  •  Nasser Assaf    
  •  Wisam Abu Khalaf    
  •  Abed Elkareem Alzoubi    
  •  Saed Zighan    


Purpose: This Paper studies the group rewards effects as a result of the tight action control system applied in (GAM), how they deal with this issue especially the fair treatment for rewards distribution and what is the criteria the organization follows at the end of the year.

GAM gives group rewards as bonuses depending on the self-opinion of the general manager believes in the ability of the team to accomplish the project, which might cause conflicts and unfair bonuses distribution among the group members.

This study diagnosis the problem and suggests solutions in order to fix the lack of confidence between the employees and the high management decisions especially with rewards, if it is not processing fairly, the organization will face un-commitment behaviors from employees to achieve the organizational objectives, in addition, they will start looking for external opportunities sooner if this issue is not solved. Employees’ motivation varies among individuals, some are motivated by monetary compensations, while others by promotions and so on.

Future implications: GAM should design a group rewards system that fairly distribute the rewards among the group members. Human resource management should follow a role in evaluations of individuals performance in order to give the HR his tasks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.