A Literature Review of Factors Influencing Implementation of Management Information Systems in Organizations

  •  Shuddha Chowdhury    
  •  K. M. Salahuddin    


A proper implementation of Management Information Systems (MIS) can improve an organization's performance, productivity, and work efficiently. Three factors are vital in the successful implementation of MIS. These are organization factors, technology factors and management factors. There are several other factors but these three are the most important ones according to observation. All other factors can be incorporated into these three factors. These three main factors work in an integrated and coordinated way. There are several other important sub-factors in each of these three areas. These are also discussed in this paper. Management Information Systems (MIS) play a vital role in decision-making process. Managers can improve their decision-making process with the successful execution of Information Systems. Our main goal in this paper is to determine the factors and make discussions on them. How they affect in the successful implementation of MIS is also discussed here.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.