The Relationships between Companies and Bank System: An Analysis of Italian Context

  •  Elisa Giacosa    
  •  Alberto Mazzoleni    


The purpose of our research is to propose to model which could suggest to Italian small and medium companies the best appropriate funding resources to their economic and financial situation. The framework of this paper is represented by Giacosa and Mazzoleni (2016), in which a model classifies the companies into six groups according to different elements, such as attitude to repay financial debts, company’s growth, and profitability. The sample is composed of 39.400 Italian companies. In particular, companies could be divided in these categories: i) star companies; ii) companies at the beginning of decline; and iii) companies in crisis.

It emerged that, in a medium-term vision, it’s necessary to change the management behavior and to try to reach economic fundamentals expected by the bank system, while in the short-term vision the companies have to learn how to use a non-bank financial instruments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.