Covering International Marketing Influences on Firm International Performance: Evidences from GCC

  •  Mansour Lotayif    


The current study aims at figuring out set of causality relationships with firm’s international performance in GCC context. The experiences of 217 senior executives serving in Gulf region have been deployed for that purpose. Throughout SPSS version 21 and via multi-variant e.g. multiple regression and ANOVA, and bi-variant e.g. correlation, the current study’s eight objectives and hypotheses were tested. The research results indicated that there are significant causality relationships between firm’s international performance (FIP) and bi-marketing daily interaction, international marketing and general marketing coordination (IM-GM), international marketing influence, international learning orientation, international innovativeness orientation, and international entrepreneurial orientation, However, no significant causality relationship between study’s demographics (i.e. business type, type of ownership, international experience, and number of employees) and FIP was revealed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.