Exploring the Antecedents of Job Crafting: A Conditional Process Analysis

  •  Domenico Berdicchia    
  •  Giovanni Masino    


In this paper we investigate whether the relationship between leader and members (Leader-Member Exchange, LMX), a key element of work organization, constitutes a relevant antecedent for job crafting. We also investigate whether role breadth self-efficacy mediates such relationship. Then, we look at organizational-level policies, and explore whether human resource initiatives aimed at exposing employees to developmental experiences may influence both the direct relation between LMX and job crafting and the above mentioned mediated relation. Results of a conditional process analysis (a mediated moderation model) with a sample of 172 store level workers indicate that LMX has a positive influence on job crafting. Results also show that developmental experiences moderates the positive direct relationship of LMX on most job crafting behaviors. Moreover, we also found that developmental experiences moderate the positive indirect effect of LMX on some job crafting behaviors via role breadth self-efficacy. These direct and indirect effects of LMX are stronger when developmental experiences are lower. Managerial implications and directions for future research are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.