From the Unusual to the Useful: Digital Platforms and Co-Working Spaces as Instruments for Human Resource Management in Emerging Economic and Organizational Environments

  •  Leonardo Pompa    


In this present economic situation, the use of freelance workers, whose role in organizations runs side by side with that of full time workers, is becoming increasingly more important. The joint presence of these two very different forms of human resource, represents an important challenge to Human Resource Management, which has to adequately exploit the qualities of those who work within the organization, irrespective of the type of contractual ties they may have. Managerial literature has come up with limited contributions on this topic and without finding effective solutions to the integrated management of such an assortment of human resources. In this paper we contribute to fill this literature gap by proposing a conceptual model concerning how using digital platforms and co-working spaces may facilitate the company’s human resource management. This particular model outlines how these two instruments can assist the work of HR managers, especially with the conception and implementation of recruitment and motivational processes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.