Intrepreneurial Practices and Organizational Competitiveness: A Theoretical Approach

  •  Thecle Peggy Angouanda Oprha    
  •  Mohamed Najib. El Oualidi    


Organizations or companies are facing many challenges today. This is due to the highly competitive environment in which they are operating. They have to be innovative enough in order to remain competitive. In this context, intrapreneurship seems to be a real opportunity to renew strategic innovation through an innovative approach. Hence, intrapreneurship allows the company to face competition by having a sense of creativity and innovation internally on one hand and, to cope with multiple constraints linked to the complexity of the environment on the other hand. Therefore, the Human Resources (HR) function is to give an ambitious and strategic challenge by shifting from human resources management to skills management. In this perspective, intrapreneurship would be a strategy for the company to involve staff, increase creativity and innovation and upturn organizational skills. In this paper, a theoretical approach is presented based on a review of the literature that demonstrates the interest of companies or organizations to involve their staff through interepreneurship program. Besides, we design a conceptual model that highlights the criteria to be taken into account by organizations so that intrapreneurial practices can have a positive influence on organizational involvement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.