Firm Performance in the Context of Knowledge Based Intensive Sector: A Theoretical Review

  •  Eunice N. Wandiga    
  •  James M. Kilika    
  •  Rosemary James    


The operations function of an organization plays a strategic role in the success of organizations as it addresses key decisions that determine the utilization of economic resources in the value creation process to deliver goods and services. While the function has been sufficiently studied and documented in the manufacturing sector, little has been done reflecting the services sector. This paper presents a review of the extant theoretical and empirical literature on two constructs linked to operations strategy in the context of a knowledge intensive sector in the phenomenon leading to firm performance. The relevant theories are reviewed, constructs and their operational indicators identified and compared against extant empirical work and emergent knowledge gaps identified. The paper finally proposes a multidisciplinary based theoretical model suitable for advancing knowledge in this area together with the accompanying implications for future research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.