Empowerment and Responsiveness Effect on Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) Staffs in Selangor, Malaysia

  •  Mahiswaran Selvanathan    
  •  Noor Ain Zeni    
  •  Pei Jun Tan    
  •  Kantharow Apparavu    


This study focuses on service quality in a public sector, Malaysia. This research is aimed at exploring the relationship between empowerment and responsiveness towards work quality, while reviewing customers’ satisfaction towards government services, particularly towards the Royal Malaysian Police agency. This paper describes how the Royal Malaysian Police can use their employee work quality through the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity systems as tools to help them reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. Multivariate multiple regression technique was used to measure the relationship between the empowerment and responsiveness towards work quality of the employee. This study concludes that empowerment factor does significantly affect the work quality of the government employees, but their work quality does not satisfy the customers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.