The Availability of Quality Health Service Dimensions in Government Hospitals in Sudan (A Case Study of Teaching Hospitals in Sudan)

  •  Mohamednour Ahmed    
  •  Ahmed Ibrahim    


This study aimed to identify the levels of quality of health services in government hospitals in Sudan. It also aimed to examine the availability of the dimensions of health services quality, which included tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, confidence and empathy. It has been conducted in the grand didactic hospitals in Khartoum state, Sudan; namely Khartoum, Bahri and Omdurman. The sample of this study included patients and customers who are supposed to benefit from the service under study. The respondents are exposed to a questionnaire of (22) statements to measure the dimensions of the availability of quality in the health service. The findings of the study showed that the patients and customers demonstrated a high level of awareness towards the presence and quality of dimensions of health services provided by government hospitals. It is also revealed that the five health dimensions of quality are not available in government hospitals and their applications are not the concern of the hospital managements.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.