Gaming Motivations among American College Students

  •  Yeong Chi    
  •  Marvin Lovett    
  •  Orson Chi    


The purpose of this study was to examine American college students’ motivations related to video games and to identify groups exhibiting common patterns of responses. This study investigated the video gaming motivations of American college students through the adoption of a gaming motivation scale, developed by Lafrenière, et al., which was composed of 18 Likert-typed items. A questionnaire survey, administered to 191 American college students at a public university in South Texas, was employed to collect primary data for this study. The gaming motivations of these participants were examined through factor analysis, which identified four reliable factors. Cluster analysis was then employed to identify three prominent video gaming motivation groups. This research may provide practical marketing implications by proposing effective ways to better understand and target video gaming consumers. Research results may also provide direction for developing successful marketing strategies in the video gaming industry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.