Determinants of Relationship Continuity: A Mediational Study of Relationship Quality and Word of Mouth

  •  Abdul Haseeb Chaudhary    
  •  Anum Mukhtar    


Employees are claimed to be one the important strategic key asset of organization. In today's competitive world, departing of the skilled employees is immense dilemma for organizations especially at managerial level. Organizations not have only bear the cost of hiring and training of these mangers but also these managers act as intellectual capital as they possess knowledge and information of the key strategic areas. This study attempts to study the factors such as self-efficacy, work environment and workplace bullying behavior which governs the psychological patterns of employees in an organization. This paper studied behavioral factors of employees not only proves to be the reason for financial benefits of organization but also become a source of retaining skilled employees within organization which was referred to as relationship continuity in this paper. Structural Equation modeling technique is used to analyze the behavioral pattern of employees of Textile mills from Multan Region through Purposive sampling technique with resulting in 552 respondents. Thus, results from the study enfolded interesting insights identifying the factors which can be a source to improve and retain the skilled labor of the organization and utilizing them for creating the organizational image.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.