Working Environment for Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries: An Empirical Study of Bangladesh

  •  Abdus Sattar    
  •  Leo Dewri    
  •  Sharmin Ananna    


Women entrepreneurship is a very thorny task in Bangladesh like other developing nations. Generally, women entrepreneurs are facing number of hindrances during start-up to operating their enterprises though they have enormous contribution to the national economic growth and employment generation. The aim of this research study is to scrutinize the working environment for women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.  To conduct the study 752 sample has been considered and examined to get research outcome. The research results reveal that Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs generally have very limited financial capabilities to initiate their business as well as inadequate of collateral facilities leads to discourage the financial institutions to offer credit facilities to them. Also women entrepreneurs face other social constrains to operate and manage their business those can be connected with gender discrimination, undermining as economic means, legal constrains and imperfect view by financial institutions that women are unable to manage their business.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.