Emotional Intelligence Has a Greater Impact on Job Performance of Employees – An Exploratory Study on Manufacturing Industries, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

  •  Subhashini D    
  •  Shaju M    


Purpose: Evaluation of employees’ performance has become an inevitable HR function in the organizational domain. This would facilitate the management in due course; to adopt requisite measures at various levels for enhancing individual competencies and thereby the organizational growth. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a psychological attribute, whose contribution to performance is certain enough. Analysis of an employee’s EI factor has become much vital in determining their quality, quantity, cost and effectiveness in the realm of organizations.

Design/methodology/approach: This is an exploratory research, attempting to discover how EI and its dimensions are significantly related to the job performance of an employee. The data were collected from employees, having experience at least 10 years or more, so as to ensure relatively accurate responses on performance evaluation at different groups of employees in the manufacturing organizations.

Findings: Existence of a positive correlation is revealed in between the EI dimensions and performance of employees at both supervisors and worker levels working in manufacturing organizations.

Practical implications: Organizations often neglect the impact of EI towards the gravity of employees’ performance. This study explains how do the multiple dimensions of EI are evaluated which is further correlated with the job performance of the employees at different levels of the manufacturing organizations. The results of this study may also be experimented in other types and nature of organizations also.

Originality/Value: This study tries to understand the manifold dimensions to be used in evaluating the EI level of the employees and the most influential ones, impacting the whole process of their job performance. The idea behind this study is to give organizations an insight about the significance of EI with respect to the performance of its employees and how they can be leveraged to obtain maximum desirable results.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.