A Journey of Cause Related Marketing from 1988 to 2016

  •  Thamaraiselvan Natarajan    
  •  Senthil Arasu Balasubramaniam    
  •  Daniel Inbaraj Jublee    


Cause-related marketing (CrM) has been a topic of interest to academicians, researchers and practitioners in disciplines of marketing. The increasing number of publications by various authors in this area reflects its importance. In this work, we review research papers on CrM that have been published in peer-reviewed journals in the past two decades to provide insights to researchers and practitioners into the various factors that influence the success of CrM. This study summarizes and critiques empirical findings found in cause-related marketing literature from 1988-2016 (August). Three hundred and two papers published in reputed journals during this period are reviewed. The review also identifies knowledge gaps in the area of CrM.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.