Evaluation Method on Geological Deposit Potential Value

  •  Zhihong Zhang    
  •  Wei Huang    
  •  Ning Xu    


It is related to the realization of the benefit of state-owned resources and the long retainable development of the
country to evaluate the mining property rights to improve the using rate of the mineral resources. Guided by the
principle of prospective return, a method for evaluating geological potential value was put forward which
emphasized on the valuation of geological techniques. A coefficient was done to represent the geological
potential value which was constructed by integrating the seven factors of Geology Main Factor. A case was used
to illustrate the advantages brought by the proposed method. The results showed that geological deposit potential
evaluation method could effectively materialize the value of geological potential. The estimated results can be a
reference for mining property rights auction and has an effect to protect the right and profit of state-owned
mineral resources assets.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.