School Management Positions and Women Empowerment – A Rwandan Case

  •  Irechukwu, Nkechi Eugenia    


Women as managers and their roles in management has become a topic of special interest and importance in the
present decade. This study was conducted to find out the general concept of the woman educator and her role as
a school administrator in the society. The central research question here is “Have women Managers/Principals
performed in their various managerial capacities?” To answer this question, data were collected from teachers in
seven government secondary schools in Kigali. A total number of 100 questionnaires were sent out but a total of
88 respondents which involved male and female teachers responded. Simple statistical method of data analysis
was used and it was discovered that female school managers can perform with regards to aspects of school
management and administration including instructional supervision, relations with students, parents and
community. The findings of this paper are imperative for educational planning and management. The study also
shows that in terms of abilities in all the areas reviewed, women are able to attain management positions and can
perform creditably in school management. Therefore, equal opportunities should be given to both sexes in order
to tap their talents and abilities for societal progress.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.