The Influence of Tuition Fees on the Choice of University among Senior High School Graduates in Kumasi, Ghana

  •  Edward Gyamfi    
  •  Isaac Gyamfi    
  •  Du Qi    


The study focused on the factors that influence senior high school (SHS) graduates’ choice of university selection in Ghana. The 7ps, including product, price, place, process, promotion, people and physical evidence were chosen as the service marketing mix elements. This work was guided by whether or not tuition fees have a significant influence on SHS graduates’ choice on the selection of university in Ghana.

In this study, the researchers used descriptive approach to analyze the work due to the fact that the study seeks to pinpoint the factors that influence students’ choice on the selection of university in Ghana. The population of the study was mainly final year students in the Kumasi Metropolis and the sample size was made up of three hundred and thirty-five (335) of such students. The study employed questionnaire and multi-stage sampling as a means of data collection instrument which was used to develop insights that supplemented the results of the statistical analysis. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 16 was used to analyze the data. The study concludes that the program (product) element of the marketing mix is the main factor that influences SHS graduates’ choice of university in Ghana with a percentage of 32.8 followed by process which accounted for 28.10%. The study recommends that universities in Ghana particularly private universities should put in place tailor-made programs that can contribute to the acquisition of high employable skills by students and also strengthen their Quality Assurance Departments.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.