Factors Influencing Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacy Services: An Empirical Investigation at King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, Saudi Arabia

  •  AlaEddin Khalaf Ahmad    
  •  Mohammad Ali Saleh Alghamdi    
  •  Saleh Ali Saleh Alghamdi    
  •  Omar Zayyan Alsharqi    
  •  Hussein Mohammad Al-Borie    


The current research investigates the factors influencing patient satisfaction with pharmacy services at King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital (KFAFH). This research proposes and tests a three-factor model that influence patient satisfaction. These factors include accessibility, availability of medications, and pharmacy staff attitude as independent variables, while the dependent variable is patient satisfaction. In order to explore this issue, a quantitative method was used in the form of a questionnaire issued in KFAFH in Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia. The research targeted 333 patients as a representative sample, rather than the whole population. A random sample was used to choose the participants in this research. The research retrieved 290 valid questionnaires, which represented a reponse rate of 87%. The results confirm significant differences in the influence of these factors on patient satisfaction. The research concludes that there are significant influences from accessibility and availability of pharmacy services, whereas there is no significant influence of staff attitudes on patient satisfaction. The research recommends improving the accessibility and availability of medication regularly and continuously. It is also recommended that pharmacy services should conduct training courses to improve staff skills and attitudes to deal with patients.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.