What Do Mongolian Facebook Users Want from Advertisers?

  •  Massoud Moslehpour    
  •  Jargal Tumurbaatar    
  •  Khoirul Amri    
  •  Munkh-Ulzii Batmunkh    


This study is one of its kinds to explore Mongolian Facebook users’ attitudes towards advertising. It uses traditional factors and examines the relationship among the factors to dicover the variables with strongest influence among the Mongolian Facebook users. Moreover, researchers included gender as one of the relevant demographic variables as the moderating variable. This study surveyed 400 Mongolian Facebook active users through the online questionnaire. The research findings indicate that informativeness and entertainment followed by credibility are the most influential factors of Facebook users’ attitudes towards advertising. In addition, gender moderates the relationship between credibility and attitude towards Facebook advertising. For practical implications, this study helps business marketers who are interested in attracting Mongolian customers within the Facebook advertising program. For social implications, social scientists may find the results useful for their study of human behavior and motivation, and how this information may affect attitudes towards the adoption and attraction of advertisings. This study is limited to Mongolian Facebook users.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.