Stakeholder Engagement in Cultural Organizations: An Explorative Study on Participatory Theatre

  •  Maria Cleofe Giorgino    


This article explores the potentialities of the stakeholder engagement framework in the specific context of cultural organizations, underscoring the necessity to develop an interdisciplinary approach that combines the traditional managerial perspective with the contribution offered by other social disciplines, due to the peculiarities of the cultural mission pursued. Specifically, the article aims to investigate on the stakeholder engagement process to verify: a) how it may be adapted to consider the peculiarities of the cultural organizations and their activities; b) why cultural organizations should adopt the framework as here suggested referring to the cultural mission pursued. Combining the literature review with the analysis of a case study of participatory theatre, this article expects: a) to suggest a stakeholder engagement framework that may be specific for cultural organizations and their community; b) to verify its effectiveness in terms of both creation of cultural value and improvement of cultural participation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.