Public Understanding of Hiwalah (Debt Transferred)

  •  Nashuddin -    


In this research, researchers wanted to determine and analyze public understanding of the transferred debt (Hiwalah) knowing public assumption factors of Hiwalah public understanding (debt transferred). The methods are using quantitative method by using analysis descriptive and inferential analysis, inferential analysis used the regression analysis, T test and correlation analysis to testing the hypothesis of the research. The population in this research is the whole of people in the Cikoneng village, District of Anyer, Serang, Banten, Indonesia. Using research data collection instrument, arranged in a Likert scale model. The research found that the public's understanding and Hiwalah scores level are high, no differences in the public understanding by men and women, otherwise relating to Hiwalah people have differences in men and women, through correlation analysis was known the positive correlation and significant correlation between public understanding of Hiwalah, as well as regression analysis found that the public understanding becomes a factor of important role in the improvement and development of Hiwalah processes, for it was in effort to implementation Hiwalah properly and correctly in accordance with the teachings of Islam, the people should be given the knowledge and understanding of Hiwalah.

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