How to Change an Organization to Fit the Dynamic Environment: A Case Study on a Telecom Company of China

  •  Yong Zhao    
  •  Yezheng Liu    


This paper aims to explore how an organization changes to fit the dynamic environment. The paper's approach is
a case study on a Chinese telecom company. Data have been collected through 2 questionnaire surveys as well as
15 interviews. The results show that the organizational transformation of Anhui Telecom has enhanced the vigor
of it and employees by stimulating dynamic capabilities and forming a high performance system, as well as
promoted the organizational capabilities, thus maintaining its sustainable competitive advantage. Nowadays,
Chinese telecom industry is reconstructing. For each telecom operators, the organizational environment it faces
has changed. Unfortunately, very little research on organizational change of Chinese telecom industry has been
done. The study has significant reference for the business transformation of China Telecom.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.