A Study on Consumer Perception towards E-Shopping in KSA

  •  Mohammad Zulfeequar Alam    
  •  Sheriff Elaasi    


Marketers are facing new challenges of marketing in the new millennium due to the changes in the consumer buying behavior associated with disruptive innovation, virtual communication, purchasing habits and consumption pattern. The rapid rise of online marketing has captured the attention of marketers and consumers nowadays. At present online shopping became the ideal for the people in the world. In Saudi Arabia most of the citizens having the access of internet facility and good purchasing power however still e-shopping are not in trend of Saudi Arabian consumers; around 62% of the population of the country did not even shop online by Al-Salamin (2014). The objectives of the study are to provide an in-depth understanding regarding customer perception on e-shopping, payment method were used; the risk factors involved and the preferable devices were utilized for e-shopping. For the study a survey of 128 respondents of Saudi Arabia were conducted during the period of 3 months from September to November 2015. Data collection was carried out using a structured and close ended questionnaire. The received data were coded and analyzed with suitable statistical tools. It was investigated that the majority of the respondents had involved in e-shopping, 73% of respondents are feeling e-shopping as easy shopping, 44% consumer use credit card as a payment method and 40% of the respondents preferred to buying product/ services through laptop when buying online. The quality of product was reported as a highest worrying factor by the majority of respondents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.