An Analysis of the Influencing Factors of the End of City Logistics Distribution on the Base of Interpretive Structural Model

  •  Xinyi Dong    
  •  Hongmei Ju    
  •  Sifan Yin    


E-commerce has a rapid development with the advent of the Internet era, the era of “Internet +” also let many industries to find new opportunities. Now online shopping has become a mainstream to meet the needs of people’s life, especially in the developed cities, more and more people are willing to buy all sorts of goods in e - Bay, Amazon, Sunning, JD and other large e-commerce enterprises. Business enterprise needs to deliver intact goods quickly to customers to improve customers’ intention of purchasing. So the development of e-commerce and express industry is closely linked. The end of the city logistics needs to contact with consumers directly as the last part of the whole process in normal logistics distribution, which may occur some problems about the damage of goods, slow information feedback, service quality and other issues will reduce the satisfaction of consumers and affect reputation of companies. This article use ISM technology to analyze the influencing factors of the logistics of the ecommerce enterprise from the perspective of consumers, and divide all of the factors into three levels, each level contains different meanings which make a reference for the trend of development of the end of city logistics distribution. 

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