University Students’ Attitudes towards E-Learning: University of Business & Technology (UBT)-Saudi Arabia-Jeddah: A Case Study

  •  Abdelrahim Zabadi    
  •  Amr Hussein Al-Alawi    


Through the World Wide Web, education has become a ubiquitous service delivered anytime anywhere. Campus-based and without distance learners, higher education institutions attempt to fulfill the requirements of e-learning in conventional course transmission, to prepare students, staff, and educational institutions for the future involvements in educational processes. The study was conducted to examine attitudes of UBT students’ in Dahban and Sari campuses towards e-learning by taking (371) students from four colleges and English language center.

In sampling techniques, we used the stratified random sampling in choosing the study sample. To gather the primary data from respondents, a well-structured questionnaire, developed by the researchers. The findings indicated that UBT participants’ owns a high standard on attitude towards e-learning and their attitude results are significantly vary with their gender, technology usage and skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.