The Impact of Mobile Learning Applications on the Lecturer’s Role and Development of Learner’s Motivation towards Learning: Empirical Study at the Faculties Physical Education-Libya

  •  Altaher Alssaid    
  •  Noor Azizi Bin Ismail    
  •  Noorhayati Binti Hashim    


The purpose of the present research was to validate a stated model for mobile applications as one of the modern teaching methods in the learning process with specific focus on its effectiveness on the teacher’s role and development of Libyan learners’ motivation towards learning. To achieve this research aim, the researcher used a descriptive approach as a quantitative research design that utilizes a Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Method in order to evaluate the main hypotheses of the research. The study sample consisted of 450 participants (lecturers at the Faculties Physical Education-Libya). The conclusion of the resulting study showed the presence of a weak or low correlation linking mobile learning applications and the development of students' motivation towards learning (.16). However, the study showed that the impact of mobile learning applications on the teacher’s role was (.63). Moreover, the study found that the teacher's role has a higher level of significant influence or impact than mobile learning applications on the development of students 'motivation towards learning (86). The results also revealed that there is an indirect impact of mobile applications through the teacher’s role which was higher than its direct impact on the development of students' motivation towards learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.