The Reality of Talent Management Implementation: A Case Study on Royal Jordanian Airlines

  •  Naser Khdour    


This study focused on investigating and analysing the influential factors that led to the introduction and implementation of talent management at Royal Jordanian airlines. Using a case study method, the qualitative study aimed to obtain an understanding of how 10 managers, human resource managers, senior executives, managers and a general manager, viewed the introduction and implementation of talent management in the company, using semi-structured interviews. Information was also obtained on their perceptions of talent management, using an interpretive paradigm. Findings showed that the managers perceived the concept of talent management in different ways, about what it was used to achieve in an organisation and it was ambiguous in both its introduction and implementation. Recommendations were set out for the company, the company could; improve its employee incentives to develop their talent; provide a career development structure for all employees; treat all employees as able to develop their abilities the best they can and talent management should be used with existing employees, not from talent pools outside the company.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.