A Study on Employee’s Motivation towards Employee Performance in Private University, Selangor, Malaysia

  •  Mahiswaran Selvanathan    
  •  Sugumaran Selladurai    
  •  Ganibay Madina    
  •  Radziah Rahman    
  •  Noor Shaik Dawood    


Human Resource is considered main asset in an organisation because the employees are the one that will contribute in productivity of the organization. Motivation and performance of the employees are crucial in determining the the effectiveness of an organization. Many factors affect employee performance in the long run. This paper will evaluate and identify the factors that influence employees’ performance. This paper aims to analyze four factors which are, working environment, motivation, personal problem and training. The data has been presented in the form of frequency tables and the histogram chart. The data has been analysed to see whether it meets the objectives or not. A total of 175 employees from SEGi University were the respondents of the present study. Therefore, the findings shows that, two variables which are working environment and motivation that have significant relationship on employees’ performance. Overall, the findings of this research will assist to an effective and better implementation for future researcher on the factors influencing employees’ performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.