Ethical Leadership Practices: Does It Exist? Do We Care about It? An Evidences from College of Business Studies

  •  Naser Almutairi    
  •  Ahmed Alhussaini    
  •  Shebiab Thuwaini    


Ethical leadership is an integral dimension of organizational leadership, behavior and culture, whose primary role is to lead the organization by making ethical decisions to inherently influence employees’ attitudes and interactions. The concept of ethical leadership specifically revolves around business practices that link the aspects of culture and business ethics. Previous academic studies in the field of ethical leadership have been quick to point out the principles, beliefs and values of the right and wrong are the ones that characterize the foundation of organizational behavior; thereby formulating the pedestal upon which leaders influence employees in achieving the goals of the organization. The purpose of this study is to critically evaluate fundamental ethical leadership practices that followers can identify with. The findings of the research point out that majority of the sampled population think that there is a major ethics problem in the college of business studies. The study also established that those sampled believe the management is neither showing any attention to the ethical leadership aspect nor placing any consideration on the college’s Code of Ethics.

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