Organizational Social Capital and Commitment-Based HR Practices as the Determining Factors of Organizational Performance

  •  Chia Po Li    
  •  Khulida Kirana Yahya    
  •  Tan Fee Yean    


The present study examined the relationship between commitment-based human resource practices (CBHRP), organizational performance and the mediating effect of organizational social capital (OSC). Data were gathered from a sample of 150 multi-national organizations by using survey questionnaire method. Response rate was encouraging as it achieved 95 percent. A relevant statistical analytical technique to test the hypotheses such as regression analysis was used. Findings supported the hypothesized relationships between commitment-based HR practices, organizational social capital and organizational performance. The results imply that commitment-based HR practices and organizational social capital are important factors for organizational growth and sustain a competitive, which result better organizational performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.