Relational and Identity-Making Capabilities in the Internationalization Process: The Case of US Food Service Sector

  •  Valentina Della Corte    
  •  Giovanna Del Gaudio    


This paper aims at exploring the link between internationalization strategies and local identity. More precisely, this study analyzes how firms manage this relationship, understanding if a firm can express the local identity and to what extent this latter can be extended through without jeopardizing the essential soul of its products/services.
The analysis is developed according to a double level that includes the recognition of both distinctive resources and competences and the specific relational capabilities necessary in the internationalization process. Furthermore, the strength of this paper is represented by the examination of different types of firms (single location full-service restaurants, chain restaurants and fast food restaurants) operating in the food service sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.