Factors Affecting Loyalty Customer Services Banking Industry in East Java

  •  Koesharijadi Koesharijadi    


The purpose of this study was to determine the factors contained in the quality of services and how these factors influence the underlying between the formation of customer loyalty in the banking services industry.
This study is designed for internal and external customers banking is also seen as internal and external customer banking. Respondents of this research there are two types of internal respondents with a sample of 152 people and external respondents with a sample of 198 people, the number of total samples of 350 people in the banking industry in East Java. Data was collected through a questionnaire with statements that refer to Likert scale. Data analysis was performed using AMOS program.
The results showed that the image of the organization significantly influence customer expectations and customer value, organizational image does not affect the customer's satisfaction. Internal service quality significantly influence employee satisfaction and employee satisfaction significantly influence the quality of external services. External service quality effect on customer value. Customer expectations significantly influence the external service quality and value for the customer but the customer expectations significant negative effect on customer satisfaction. Value customers significant effect on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction significantly influence customer loyalty.

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