Innovation Practices in Saudi Arabian Businesses

  •  Nisar Ahamad Nalband    
  •  Saad Alkelabi    
  •  Dafieah Awad Jaber    


In today’s business “Innovation” is a buzzword; business people can’t live without it. Innovation management as such has recently gained much attention from the academic researchers, industry and the governments of the different countries; because of its functionality in sustaining the organizations, its growth as well to enjoy a competitive edge.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia even today is looked upon as a mere crude oil supplier by the outside world. Saudi Arabia made significant changes in its development in all the fields including business. The country now made a mark as one of the emerging and fast developing nations in the world.

The country which has been very popular in mere trade and which is striving to establish its stance in business would be good example for academic interest to investigate empirically as to what type of practices of innovation exists in its all legal forms of business organizations of Saudi Arabia and also to have an over view of innovation scenario in Saudi Arabia businesses.

The Research carried on through an empirical study designed for the purpose. One hundred business organization of all types (Eg: Public, Private, Semi-government, Partnership firms, etc.) were chosen randomly. From each organization two respondents were chosen totaling to the sample size of two hundred.

Since the main objective of the research is to find the practices of innovation in Saudi Arabian business organizations a few practices were asked to the respondents through the structured questionnaire to know the level of perceptions of the respondents on a Likert’s five point scale. At the outset the results are promising in Saudi Arabia, the business organizations are paving the way for innovation in their businesses. Within the study when compared with the practices it is found that practices touching upon teams and team work are measuring low. Regarding the types of innovation there is mixed results.

Probably this is the first empirical study in Saudi Arabia which has made an attempt to enquire into innovation practices through an exhaustive but a simple study.


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