An Empirical Study about the Influence of Word of Mouth on Client Changing Behaviour: The Case of Computer Industry in the State of Kuwait

  •  Said Hajjar    
  •  Jaber Eidan    


The Word of Mouth (WOM) was recently considered by marketing management, and adapted by marketers in many industries such as computer manufacturing industry. The study investigated how WOM is presented by sender influences consumer switching behaviour during interaction in the different categories of situations within the computer industry. Five variables were tested to see their correlations with the WOM. These variables are: Switching Cost, Sender expertise, Receiver expertise, Sender Trustworthiness, and Tie Strength. Using convenience-sampling approach, the study obtained 130 usable surveys. Data was randomly selected from four different universities in Kuwait. Data analysis was done through the software SPSS, and the results were obtained through ANOVA. The regression analysis statistical method was implemented to test the influence of the five variables on the variable: Sender influence in Positive WOM. This paper drove its significance in providing empirically evidence that would help marketers to plan strategies or to choose the appropriate way in using the direct influence of WOM in marketing transactions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.