The Impact of Internal Marketing on Employees’ Performance in Private Jordanian Hospitals Sector

  •  Sima Magatef    
  •  Raed Ahmad Momani    


This study aims to identify the impact of internal marketing on the performance of employees in Jordanian private hospitals sector. This study was conducted on all employees of several administrative levels in this sector. The study also aims to find out the impact of independent variables namely, in-house training, incentives, rewards, internal communication, empowerment and culture of the organization, on the dependent variable, which is the performance of employees. To achieve the study objectives, data were collected through the selection of a random sample of workers in private Jordanian hospital sector from various levels. 450 copies of the designed questionnaire were distributed over the targeted sample group. However, only 333 copies of the questionnaire were recovered, and this is 74% of the total number of the distributed copies. The results show that the organization culture has strong impact on the employee’s performance. This variable came first among other variables, followed by the variables about incentives and rewards regarding the impact on the dependent variable employees. On the other hand, the rest of variables showed weak impact on the dependent variable either due to lack of employee’s interest, or the lack of their awareness regarding the importance of these variables and the need to apply them in order to improve the performance of employees and increase their efficiency and effectiveness at work.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.