Factors Affecting Students’ Choice for MBA Program in Kuwait Universities

  •  Abdullah AL-Mutairi    
  •  Muna Saeid    


The attempt is made in this study to identify students’ motives and reasons behind enrolling in a MBA program offered by universities operating in Kuwait. It also explores criterion used to select the program. To achieve these objectives, data were collected through a well-designed and structured questionnaire and pre-testing was carried out to examine the efficiency of the instrument. The study showed that the main reasons behind selecting the MBA program by students are to satisfy their personal concerns and improve their knowledge and skills. Moreover, the students used program alumni and campus visit as main sources of information followed by friends’ suggestions and university websites. When evaluating the MBA programs, the students cited overseas accreditation as the most used criteria followed by faculty reputation, institution reputation and admission requirements.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.