Marketing Research of Motorcycle Industry in Taiwan—Personality Traits as Confounding Variable

  •  Chien Lee    


The two main motorcycle user groups are office workers and students in Taiwan. The popular transportations in metropolis are cars and motorcycles. Since riding a motorcycle is more agile, convenient and easy-parking compared to driving a car, it is welcomed by those two main groups. Taiwan is an important motorcycle consuming market and has become motorcycle kingdom of the world.

In the motorcycle industry of Taiwan, sales of the four main firms accounts for 96.56% of the overall market with the sales quantity of 623,194 motorcycles, according to statistics of Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association in 2013. With 4Ps and purchasing decision as independent variables, personality traits as confounding variables, re-purchase intention as dependent Variable, this study is to learn about the major concerns for customers while purchasing motorcycles.

The findings of this study are as follows. Firstly, 138 samples are divided into three groups through Cluster analysis. Weaker try-out-new-things personality traits accounted for 15.22%, neutral try-out-new-things personality traits accounted 31.88% and stronger try-out-new-things personality traits accounted for 52.90%.

Secondly, two main factors to influence purchasing decision for weaker try-out-new-things personality traits are revealed. One is the preference for cleanliness of the sales environment on “place” aspect. The other is acting in information for purchasing; the recommendation of friends and relatives is more accepted.

Thirdly, one major factor to influence purchasing decision for neutral try-out-new-things personality traits is that customers of this type expect up-to-date electronic locks can be bundled in for promotion, and it will rise their purchasing intention.

Lastly, as for stronger try-out-new-things personality traits, there are more factors that affect purchasing decisions, including comparing the prices of different brands and making comparison by Internet search on “promotion” aspect, tending to go to hypermarket for one-stand-shopping and expecting a service personnel with higher quality on “place” aspect, hoping vendors providing micro-film as main reference for selecting the product on “information for purchasing” aspect.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.