Connecting the Post-Training Task and Contextual Performance with the Essentials of Training Program and Characteristics of Trainees

  •  Hamid Hassan    
  •  Sarosh Asad    
  •  Yasuo Hoshino    


A successful training program leads to improved performance; however, lack of evaluation on what makes a training program effective yet puzzles managers. It is imperative to know which elements of a training program and individual characteristics of a trainee impact the employees' performance in order to realize prolific returns from this expensive investment. This study reviews three training elements namely the duration, methodology and area and two individual characteristics: education level and experience of a trainee to assess their impact on task and contextual dimensions of performance. Results support a positive impact of duration and on the job training methodology for resultant performance of employees with better level of education. Experience of trainees have a significant effect on contextual performance while no effect on task performance of employees.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.