Importance of Knowledge Management in Establishing Organization Strategy: Study on Saudi Arabian Airlines HR Division, Jeddah

  •  Khalil Yaghi    
  •  Yaser Omar Sindi    


This study was aimed at determining the awareness of the Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) human resources (HR) division employees about the role of knowledge management in the company. In addition, their understanding of the concept of knowledge management was also evaluated. Further, the degree to which knowledge management processes were practically employed by the HR employees in the company was also determined. A descriptive and analytical course was employed as a proper method in this study. The study sample was selected from Saudi employees working in Jeddah; owing to their large number, a random sample of 60 employees was chosen. The questionnaire method was employed in this study, and several results were obtained. Some of the main results are as follows. The system encouraged the participants to follow the best practices of other organizations and ensure that managers understand that successful knowledge depends on organizational culture. Further, knowledge management is considered as information management, and study participations agreed to some extent to the knowledge management concept for HR employees. In addition, it was pointed out that good and creative ideas for improving competitive advantage are supported and an individual and group initiative culture is spread between employees.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.